Who are we?

Initiative for Youth Future I Y F,is a non-profit organization registered in Sweden. Its aim is to contribute to a better future for youth.


Within our organization, we are convinced of the need to give everyone the opportunity to develop himself, thrive, and enjoy their full potential. Through the projects and programs, that we initiate, we want to support the personal and professional development of young people, provide tools that will enable them to succeed in life and embark on a path of autonomy, instill the desire to learn and undertake in order to become responsible men and women and carry out actions aimed to ensure their future.


Directing our actions toward young people is naturally imposed because they are our society's future and we must multiply the opportunities to help them to integrate professionally and become engaged actors. That is why we have made Youth the common thread of the initiatives we bring our support to. Our mission is to contribute to promoting and implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Agenda 2030, the EU Strategy for Youth 2019-2027, and the World Programme of Action for Youth.